Anna Heinämaa


Born 1961 in Helsinki, Finland

Academic Education

  • Master of Arts, University of Helsinki, 1989
Education in Visual Arts
  • Studies in ceramics in Camden Institute (presently Kingsway College) in London under Helen Hattori, 1981-1982
  • Studies in sculpture and drawing in Moscow, private tutors, 1986-1990
  • Studies in ceramics and sculpture in Porvoo Adult Education Center under ceramist Tidi Fohlin and sculptor Kaija-Riitta Iivonen, 1993-1998
  • Studies in painting and sculpture under painter Artti Pohjanheimo and sculptor Taisto Rauta, 2001-2003
Art Exhibitions
  • Porvoo Adult Education Center, collective exhibition, Porvoo, Finland, 1995
  • Porvoo Adult Education Center, collective exhibition, Porvoo, Finland, 1998
  • F-galleria, collective exhibition, Porvoo, Finland, 2000
  • Galleria Gaala, collective exhibition, Turku, Finland, 2002
  • Annan galleria, solo exhibition, Helsinki, Finland, 2005
  • Gallerie Oljemark, collective exhibition, Jokelan kartano, Hämeenkoski, Finland, 2006
  • Annan galleria, solo exhibition, Helsinki, Finland, 2006
  • Klaus K Design Hotel, solo exhibition, Helsinki, Finland, 2006
  • St. Petersburg Museum of Urban Sculpture, collective exhibition, St. Petersburg, 2009
  • Cultural Center Sofia, collective exhibition, Helsinki, 2009
  • Kanneltalo Cultural Center Gallery, collective exhibition, Helsinki, 2009
  • Kanneltalo Cultural Center Cafe, solo exhibition, Helsinki, 2010
Literary Publications (Finnish)
  • Novels: Iira, Art House, Helsinki, 1990; Marian kirja (The Book of Maria), Tammi, Helsinki, 1991, Iira Moskovassa (Iira in Moscow), Tammi, Helsinki, 1992; Sunnuntaimurha (Sunday Murder), Tammi, Helsinki, 1993; Verna, sisareni (Verna, My Sister), Tammi, Helsinki, 1996.
  • Plays: Vallan aaveet (The Phantoms of Power) Radioteatteri, Helsinki, 1994; Kahdeksas päivä (The Eighth Day) Radioteatteri, Helsinki, 1994; Finist-haukka (Finist, the Falcon) Radioteatteri, Helsinki, 1994
  • Documentary books: Sotilaitten tarina (The Soldiers' Story), Orient Express, Helsinki, 1992; Biography of painter Olavi Laine in Olen vain maalari (I'm just a painter), Hagelstam, Helsinki, 2001
  • Short stories, articles
Literary Publications (Translations into Other Languages)
  • The Soldiers' Story (with Juri Jurtchenko and Maija Leppänen), translated by A.D. Haun, California University Press, Berkeley, CA,1994
  • Hope is the Last to Die (short story), translated by A.D. Haun; Writers' Open Forum, Tracytown, WA, 1994
  • The Phantoms of Power, translated by A.D. Haun; Play unanimously recommended by European Broadcasting Company's Radio Play Selection Committee in 1995 competition
  • Die Geliebte (The Mistress), translated by Dagmar Missfeldt (short story in Anthology Mord am Fjord), Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, München, 1994
  • Moo-oom-pah or the Story of How Siiri Learned to Do a Pirouette (short story for children) Cricket Children's Magazine, Petersborough, NA, 1995
  • Ich weiss, was Sie meinen (I Know What You Mean), translated by Dagmar Missfeldt (In Anthology Skål, Admiral von Schneider!); Verlag Stegemann (Piper Verlag), München, 2003
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